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How do we define existence?

What is existing?

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    Mar 27 2013: Who is "we"? The definition will depend on the ideology and/or belief system of an individual, or communal-based entities like society, culture or religion (for example).

    What is existing?
    Obviously you exist because you are asking me this question. I exist because if I didn't, TED.com wouldn't have my face and name on a profile. Which allows me to respond to your question. At the same time I don't know of your existence, are you really Thaddea Thompson? Sure you maybe, but their exist doubt of existence... Which, to me, proves existence, the ability to doubt existence. "I think, therefore I am." classic existentialism for a reason.

    The question of existence is a big thing lol.

    Where to start? Beginning, end?

    How to look at it? Relative, subjective, objective?

    What to take from it? No idea! But, you should definitely learn about it more, if you want a better 'whatever IT IS that allows us to be happy or know things or experience or love.'

    We exist, humans exist, we do REAL damage to the planet, each other and ourselves without FULL AWARENESS of the actions we do collectively. Nevertheless the evidence we do harm to other animals is apparent, we as a species make collective foot prints in history.

    I love this question as much as you should never ask it. More stress should be on the aspects of our human existence more so than questioning what EVERYTHING you can and cannot perceive as a human, depends on. The idea of questioning our existence seems more so atheistically pleasing rather than practical individual development. In my opinion of course.

    Of course we exist, how we define it also depends on "we." But no matter the definition, it will involve qualities and categories which align with 'existing' as in process and not static. We exist, yeah, so we live in an existence, which is existing... the fact we can concept and define says...

    Everything is constantly moving forward, it may or may not be linear-or-circular, but it's not stopping for questions.

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