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Is the gut the key to disease?

There are more receptors in the gut that affect the brain than the entire body combined. Many researchers believe the entire immune system is affected more by gut health than all other systems in the body. They believe that all diseases, including autism, stroke, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, mental illness, and cancer could be dramatically reversed if more attention were paid to the gut. This would indicate that the leading cause of all disease lies in the damage to the gut. It is theorized by leading researchers that healing the gut will reverse the trend for most diseases. What are some of the damages that you think cause the most harm? How do you think the problem can be resolved? Do you believe this theory is an exaggeration? What do you believe is the core issue of healing?


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  • Mar 21 2013: Director,
    Interesting way to identify yourself...

    My Daughter suffers from swelling that appears on one side of her body soon after eating.
    She has been suffering for years now. Doctors appear perplexed. Tests find nothing.
    She has tried diets free of about everything. Some diets work better than others.
    She is not obese. Just in continual pain and distress. .

    I was watching TED last week and the fellow giving the talk was an elderly gent explaining
    about using vast herds of animals to de-desert the desert lands. A part of what he explained
    was that grains caused gut damage in animals, and if continued, led to death.

    I might have heard him wrong, so I plan to revisit his TED talk, and email the link to my

    I explained his talk to her yesterday, while driving to Fresno, to my colon-cancer doctor at the VA.
    I found myself thinking about the stockyard fattening pens for cattle and such.
    I believe, but haven't researched, that they feed to fatten before slaughter, at least partially with grains.
    I think they used to feed to fatten many years ago, and maybe still do, cotton seeds.
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      Apr 1 2013: Feeding cattle grains, that are grass animals, makes them sick and makes the people eating them sick.

      Your daughter probably has a digestion problem because of damage to the pancreas which is not difficult to reverse. The doctor we refer to at "testingcancer.com" is an expert on such conditions. The doctor had liver cancer when he was younger, and was healed by the same method. He also cured a friend of colon cancer.

      I hope this helps.
      • Apr 1 2013: Thank you Testing Cancer.

        Last night I gave my daughter a half dozen pain pills to take as prescribed,
        She was pale and wan from pain, and her right side was overly swollen.

        She tries to keep gluten free, but it is difficult. She actually can be in pain
        and swollen from getting gluten on her hands only.

        Doctors across the county have tried about everything including acupuncture
        and other Asian medicines.

        So far, nothing has worked.

        This continuing problem, now 4 years old, is slowly but surely taking it's toll.

        I will give her the link..

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