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Is the gut the key to disease?

There are more receptors in the gut that affect the brain than the entire body combined. Many researchers believe the entire immune system is affected more by gut health than all other systems in the body. They believe that all diseases, including autism, stroke, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, mental illness, and cancer could be dramatically reversed if more attention were paid to the gut. This would indicate that the leading cause of all disease lies in the damage to the gut. It is theorized by leading researchers that healing the gut will reverse the trend for most diseases. What are some of the damages that you think cause the most harm? How do you think the problem can be resolved? Do you believe this theory is an exaggeration? What do you believe is the core issue of healing?


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    Mar 22 2013: oh! and one other thing. Also when i was eating healthfully, my memory got better and it seemed I could figure things out more easily (that part is hard to explain). I just felt more clear headed.
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      Apr 1 2013: There is a wonderful series done on bacteria and the gut and the brain and emotions. The exudate from pathogens can poison the gut, which in turn affects memory, though processes and even contributes to depression or emotional issues. The use of drugs exacerbates the entire process with poison of the liver; all of it causing a brain fog. You may find it at www.testingcancer.com; they have articles about these issues sometimes.

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