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Is the gut the key to disease?

There are more receptors in the gut that affect the brain than the entire body combined. Many researchers believe the entire immune system is affected more by gut health than all other systems in the body. They believe that all diseases, including autism, stroke, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, mental illness, and cancer could be dramatically reversed if more attention were paid to the gut. This would indicate that the leading cause of all disease lies in the damage to the gut. It is theorized by leading researchers that healing the gut will reverse the trend for most diseases. What are some of the damages that you think cause the most harm? How do you think the problem can be resolved? Do you believe this theory is an exaggeration? What do you believe is the core issue of healing?


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    Mar 23 2013: Here is what we have seen in our own work with patients and with research.

    The seeding of the baby via vagina birth and nursing provides what should be adequate protection for the baby at birth and for many years of life.

    Every autistic spectrum, obesity, depression, ADD, ADHD, heart disease, and cancer patient, just to name a few, all share one common trait. They have gut problems, they have allergy problems they have issues with digestion. They have reflux, easily upset stomachs, are taking drugs for cholesterol (biggest farce ever perpetrated on the public-can share the research on this if you like), have had frequent use of antibiotics, or are taking antacids (probably one of the big links to cancer), and have high c-reactive protein and homocysteine levels. When we repair the gut issues, add they correct form of probiotics on an effective program, they get better. All disease processes reverse, improve, or stop any symptoms. If we don't, they don't get well.

    The gut issues, we believe, are the manifestation of many poor choices to be sure, but the drugs supposedly needed and supposedly helping, and misinformation regarding the symptoms are all facades betraying the real issues.

    Depression is a result of gut issues. Arthritis is a result of gut issues. Heart disease is a result of gut issues. The patient is told to take one drug for this and one drug for that, all poisoning the body; there is no real money in just healing the gut.

    The public becomes the test specimen for the drugs companies and physicians ignorant of the real issues. When this same or similar kind of experiments were done in concentration camps all are outraged. When done in the name of medicine, all you hear is silence.

    Net result: the top three reasons for death in the United States: heart disease (preventable and curable naturally); cancer (preventable and curable naturally); third, medical intervention-See movie "Escape Fire".

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