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Is the gut the key to disease?

There are more receptors in the gut that affect the brain than the entire body combined. Many researchers believe the entire immune system is affected more by gut health than all other systems in the body. They believe that all diseases, including autism, stroke, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, mental illness, and cancer could be dramatically reversed if more attention were paid to the gut. This would indicate that the leading cause of all disease lies in the damage to the gut. It is theorized by leading researchers that healing the gut will reverse the trend for most diseases. What are some of the damages that you think cause the most harm? How do you think the problem can be resolved? Do you believe this theory is an exaggeration? What do you believe is the core issue of healing?


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    Mar 21 2013: The gut is the key to somatic conditions like autoimmune diseases, heart disease, inflammation according to various studies.
    Alternative medicine like ayurveda does give a lot of importance to diet for that reason. According to research,the gut plays a major role in the body's immune response. Essentially, this is attributed to the naturally existing microbes in the gut.
    I do not think that the gut is the only factor for causing cancer,mental illness..I doubt if there are good studies to support this theory.
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      Mar 24 2013: We find many factors of ayurveda is very useful. Thank you for mentioning it.

      The GUT is not the ONLY factor relating to cancer, mental illness and other diseases, but we find when people come to us it is the one single area ignored by most practioners, conventional and alternative. It is the ONE single area, when addressed with a program for repair and restoration, the entire process of the dissease begins to turn for the better. The other, for all diseases, is poor food choices for a metabolic type and poor digestion because of a lack of digestive and pancreatic enzymes being produced by the body. It has been shown for 50 years cancer, for one category of disease, can be suppressed with metabolic and enzyme therapy and must be supported by soil based bacteria. WE see many forms of bacteria offered for probiotic supplementation but the ones from the soil are the most effective. The doctor who used this program was credited with reversing cancer in 33,000 plus patients. This includes pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and all other forms of cancer. It is a shame conventional medicine does not at least use the pancreatic enzymes.
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        Apr 1 2013: Thank you for the explanation. Conventional treatment approaches tend to be unidimensional sometimes, for most disease states/conditions.
        The information you have presented is interesting. Are there any standardized studies being done to prove the effectiveness and safety of these methods of treatment?
        Are the digestive and pancreatic enzymes given as supplements?..if so what is their source?
        Is this really a ray of hope for any cancer patient? What about end stage cancer patients...
        My intention is not to discount your claims but to gain more understanding.
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          Apr 1 2013: Good questions. There is some wonderful material at a site called "testingcancer" that not only tests cancer but monitors various methods of treatment. Chemo and radiation have demonstrated complete failure, but alternative methods have shown remarkable results. Dr William Kelley was credited with over 33,000 cures of cancer in his lifetime, including himself of pancreatic cancer. There are some doctors using his methods today and we refer to them routinely, seeing great results regardless of the stage of condition. Surely you know about the successes of Dr. Burzinski? The doctors with the most success incorporate Dr. Gerson and Dr. Kelley's programs and pancreatic enzymes made by Dr. Kelley. .

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