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How does talent influence you and your choices in life?

How heavy does it count in your learning or practical decisions, if you think you have it or not. If you think talent is very important to have or not so much. Or even how does one determine its existence. Please share your views with me, no matter how strange or polemic you think they are!

Thank you!


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    Mar 26 2013: Thank you all for the messages! So many interesting views!

    Actually, I'm trying to prove in my graduation thesis that "talent" as a constant factor on skill learning or practice, does not exist. So, your opinions gave me a nice insight about how does the word "talent" rings for you guys!

    In my country, "talent", the word, is used as a major factor, and a major blockade for anyone who tries to learn or do something. "You have no talent to do/learn so" is often used. So, it has a bigger negative influence on people who tries to learn new things.

    As a voice teacher, most of my students started singing from a point, where no voice teacher would have the care, or patience to teach them how to sing. Today, many of them can sing at least one song, in close to perfect pitch, only by analyzing their background with more detail and giving lessons according to what they can improve.

    So, for me, using the word in such a way, stops many people from going after what they want to do. And by profoundly analyzing the whole thing, I hope to maybe change this negativity.

    Thank you all for the comments and views! It meant a lot to me :D

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