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How does talent influence you and your choices in life?

How heavy does it count in your learning or practical decisions, if you think you have it or not. If you think talent is very important to have or not so much. Or even how does one determine its existence. Please share your views with me, no matter how strange or polemic you think they are!

Thank you!


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  • Mar 23 2013: I do not think talent is a necessity in life. Many people spend their entire life doing a job that requires no talent. I do believe that a person who chooses to use their talents will by far be a happier person though. I do not have what I consider a 'real' talent. I don't sing. I can't dance. I am horrible at math. I am, however, creative and I have an extremely friendly personality. I connect well with children therefore I am working on my teaching degree. Is this a talent? To a degree, yes I believe so. Not everyone can or should do it. Not everyone should sing...I definately should not. I could have chosen to be a mechanic. My husband is and he is excellent at it. I am smart enough to learn to do it. I don't want to however. My 'talent' lies in other areas therefore, my decisions and choices in life revolve around my talents. Would I be happy as a mechanic? No. I feel a person should use their talents. Their education should revolve around those talents. Learn everything you can...you'll never know too much, but using your talents will lead to a more fulfilling life.
    • Mar 23 2013: Hi Holly
      I work with children and families and have discovered some of my talents as a result. I am aware that I can't sing well but that doesn't seem to be a problem to the young children and carers who I work with. We have fun and no one feels threatened about contributing to our singing. Of course the singing is a means to an end (inclusion of children in a social and communicative activity) . I hope you enjoy your teaching degree and the directions it takes you in.
      I think there is a time and place for choosing to just having a go and being part of something as well as being able to display and use our talents. I like to think we can earn "points" for effort and intentions as long as it is not too painful for others :) .

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