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How does talent influence you and your choices in life?

How heavy does it count in your learning or practical decisions, if you think you have it or not. If you think talent is very important to have or not so much. Or even how does one determine its existence. Please share your views with me, no matter how strange or polemic you think they are!

Thank you!

  • Mar 21 2013: Gustavo,
    this is a tiny bit (or more) being a braggart... lol

    I believe, Talent is important. But it is not everything in a person's life.
    Talented people are those who can do certain things well that others cannot.
    Certain things are like a slice of pie in a world of pies.

    I shoot pool. I astound my friends with 2, 3, and 4 cushion shots.
    I am elderly, and used to be a good pool player earlier in life.
    My talent has improved to the point that I need take a few weeks off to get rusty again.
    My elderly friends cannot win, unless I let them.
    We play a certain type of snooker game.

    I handicap horse-races and get the winner before the race is run.
    My return on investment is indeed awe inspiring.

    I have created 21 businesses in my lifetime.
    Some skyrocketed and made great amounts of money.
    Others failed.
    But I never worked for anyone but myself since 1971.

    I consider myself talented. But my talents are limited.
    And, unless I take the first step. Talent doesn't matter.

    My motto:
    Courage means to be afraid to do something, but to go ahead and do it.
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    Mar 21 2013: in all honesty: when i see some one who is better than me at a sport it motivates me to do better.
    my own talent i share with others th best i can, because i care.
  • Mar 21 2013: As a wildlife artist- I have one form of talent. Many have said to me: "I wish I had your talent."
    My reply has always been: "But you do have talent(s) and not everyone can be an artist, singer, etc. Do you cook? I can't and cooking is a talent."
    Art has influenced my life in many ways (too many to list here). While having a talent is great, without my art I would have been more involved in another field. If math is your talent (or other field), you excel in it. Even having a boat load of common sense is now a talent, being that it is not so common any more.
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      Mar 21 2013: what about your thinking skills -are they not a talent?
  • Mar 23 2013: I do not think talent is a necessity in life. Many people spend their entire life doing a job that requires no talent. I do believe that a person who chooses to use their talents will by far be a happier person though. I do not have what I consider a 'real' talent. I don't sing. I can't dance. I am horrible at math. I am, however, creative and I have an extremely friendly personality. I connect well with children therefore I am working on my teaching degree. Is this a talent? To a degree, yes I believe so. Not everyone can or should do it. Not everyone should sing...I definately should not. I could have chosen to be a mechanic. My husband is and he is excellent at it. I am smart enough to learn to do it. I don't want to however. My 'talent' lies in other areas therefore, my decisions and choices in life revolve around my talents. Would I be happy as a mechanic? No. I feel a person should use their talents. Their education should revolve around those talents. Learn everything you'll never know too much, but using your talents will lead to a more fulfilling life.
    • Mar 23 2013: Hi Holly
      I work with children and families and have discovered some of my talents as a result. I am aware that I can't sing well but that doesn't seem to be a problem to the young children and carers who I work with. We have fun and no one feels threatened about contributing to our singing. Of course the singing is a means to an end (inclusion of children in a social and communicative activity) . I hope you enjoy your teaching degree and the directions it takes you in.
      I think there is a time and place for choosing to just having a go and being part of something as well as being able to display and use our talents. I like to think we can earn "points" for effort and intentions as long as it is not too painful for others :) .
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    Mar 22 2013: Yes, I cannot sing, so i don't:) - simple answer...

    I think we all have talents and something to contribute to the world. But "talent" is subjective...

    My opinion of music today = not much talent. They have machines that sing, and they just keep playing parts of music from older songs and looping them into never ending sounds. So, I know people think that there are some talented musicians out there today, I believe so too, however, those are not the songs we hear on the radio.

    I do art. Other people do what they consider art, but I don't see it. That doesn't mean they aren't talented, it just means I don't understand or get what they are doing, just like I am sure they don't see what I do as "art" (I draw what looks like fractals is the best way to explain it) I also scrapbook, make cards, and other various paper crafts.

    I admire people who can work with their hands, like building houses, and I think that takes talent, or fixing a car, that takes another kind of talent.

    If I know I am not good at something after i keep trying, i realize, I just don't have the talent for it (like painting pictures, i am horrible at it) I move on, that is just not what I am good at. i don't keep trying, not because I have failed, but because I succeed at something else:)

    And that is my view on talent...
    Ronney K. Phoenix, AZ
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    Mar 26 2013: hey Gustavo, i know this isn't related to the subject but do you like my new profile picture?
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      Mar 26 2013: Yes, I do! Nice cold colors.
      Did you made it yourself?
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        Mar 27 2013: yes. i. did! I'm excited you like it ! this is really huge b/c as someone who is an art lover her self, i look for people to comment on it. Thanks!
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    Mar 26 2013: Thank you all for the messages! So many interesting views!

    Actually, I'm trying to prove in my graduation thesis that "talent" as a constant factor on skill learning or practice, does not exist. So, your opinions gave me a nice insight about how does the word "talent" rings for you guys!

    In my country, "talent", the word, is used as a major factor, and a major blockade for anyone who tries to learn or do something. "You have no talent to do/learn so" is often used. So, it has a bigger negative influence on people who tries to learn new things.

    As a voice teacher, most of my students started singing from a point, where no voice teacher would have the care, or patience to teach them how to sing. Today, many of them can sing at least one song, in close to perfect pitch, only by analyzing their background with more detail and giving lessons according to what they can improve.

    So, for me, using the word in such a way, stops many people from going after what they want to do. And by profoundly analyzing the whole thing, I hope to maybe change this negativity.

    Thank you all for the comments and views! It meant a lot to me :D