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How does talent influence you and your choices in life?

How heavy does it count in your learning or practical decisions, if you think you have it or not. If you think talent is very important to have or not so much. Or even how does one determine its existence. Please share your views with me, no matter how strange or polemic you think they are!

Thank you!


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    Mar 22 2013: Yes, I cannot sing, so i don't:) - simple answer...

    I think we all have talents and something to contribute to the world. But "talent" is subjective...

    My opinion of music today = not much talent. They have machines that sing, and they just keep playing parts of music from older songs and looping them into never ending sounds. So, I know people think that there are some talented musicians out there today, I believe so too, however, those are not the songs we hear on the radio.

    I do art. Other people do what they consider art, but I don't see it. That doesn't mean they aren't talented, it just means I don't understand or get what they are doing, just like I am sure they don't see what I do as "art" (I draw what looks like fractals is the best way to explain it) I also scrapbook, make cards, and other various paper crafts.

    I admire people who can work with their hands, like building houses, and I think that takes talent, or fixing a car, that takes another kind of talent.

    If I know I am not good at something after i keep trying, i realize, I just don't have the talent for it (like painting pictures, i am horrible at it) I move on, that is just not what I am good at. i don't keep trying, not because I have failed, but because I succeed at something else:)

    And that is my view on talent...
    Ronney K. Phoenix, AZ

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