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Should we force democracy?

What I wanted to know is: do you think that democratic countries should force other countries to implement democracy? Don't you think that that is a flaw in the all idea of democracy?


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  • Apr 18 2013: I don't think so. Afghanistan and Iraq are examples where democracy would have a very difficult time thriving. The people there don't have a sense of individual liberties, but theirs is more of a collective/community based culture. Like a tribe maybe. Democracy probably can only work if a people as individuals possess the right moral foundation. At least in order to thrive, because we need most people willing to obey the law of the land. I'm going to paraphrase here, but John Adams said that our form of government or our constitution was designed for a moral and religious people and inadequate for any other group.
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      Apr 19 2013: I understand what you are saying, however I'm worried about the idea that democracy isn't compatible with a 'community based culture'. Democracy is the result of community; people coming together to voice their opinions on a matter and the party with the most voices wins - simple as that. I think some of us have a tendancy to evoke morality with democracy which isn't the case. I don't understand what law abiding has to do with democracy because people break the law under democracy just like they do under communist or theocratic governments. Also what exactly do you mean by 'the right moral foundation'? If you have the answer to absolute morality I would love to hear it.
    • Apr 19 2013: Morality is subjective.

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