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Should we force democracy?

What I wanted to know is: do you think that democratic countries should force other countries to implement democracy? Don't you think that that is a flaw in the all idea of democracy?


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    Mar 26 2013: Instead of framing it as democracy, why not freedom? to me it makes it clearer - there are many cases where the world community should come together to free people from tyranny (iran, n korea). to free them from criminal pursuit of profit (slave trade, sweet shops). Intervene where people do not have control over their lives. The form of government will evolve from that.

    additionally, to frame it as democracy, one must define the form and how it will work - our democracy, in the US, is clearly flawed. Too much influence by corporations and too much influence by the uninformed. having learned that, how can it be corrected? it seems what is badly needed to go along with a free society (to make it truly free) are means to self-correct in a transparent way and avoid being hijacked by those who bring nothing of value to the process.

    you mentioned the notion of being forced as a flaw in democracy. How did you arrive at that? democracy does not imply using force. yes, some democracies use force, but that's no the same.

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