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Should we force democracy?

What I wanted to know is: do you think that democratic countries should force other countries to implement democracy? Don't you think that that is a flaw in the all idea of democracy?


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  • Mar 25 2013: Democracy is a paradox and therefore does not work, so why would you want to force it on others.
    The assumption behind a democracy is that people know what they want and vote for it, but as has already been pointed out, we our sold ideas that are usually accompanied with some sort of profit motive and we end up with lots of bad things happening.
    The type of system we need requires a more philosophical approach, in my humble opinion. We have to decide how we go about living side by side rather than looking to take advantage of or exploit something or someone.
    Once we have concluded the best way forward we can leave it to the experts to crack on with things.
    We cannot trust our current crop of politicians to put things right, because things are ok for them given our current economic/political system.

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