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Should we force democracy?

What I wanted to know is: do you think that democratic countries should force other countries to implement democracy? Don't you think that that is a flaw in the all idea of democracy?


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  • Mar 21 2013: I strongly suspect that externally forced democracy is weaker than internally grown democracy.

    Rather than forcing democracy we should do whatever encourages the natural growth of democracy, which I think probably revolves around education.

    I think the world would benefit greatly if nations were able to have their embassies double as universities.
    • Mar 21 2013: Well I do think like that to, but what if those countries do not "grow" democracy by there own.
      Are we, the "free west", morally capable of imposing democracy. Even if citizens of those countries do not want democracy?

      Thank you Lewis
      • Mar 21 2013: Unwanted democracy seems to me like a contradiction. Couldn't the citizens just vote in a dictatorship, theocracy, oligarchy, etc if that is what they wanted?
        I think that democracy can only be maintained if a population is ready to embrace it.

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