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Why do we like watching TV and movies when we know it's all fake?

I'm a huge fan of movies that are fictional stories, and TV shows. I often enjoy the adventure movies where things happen that really don't and probably couldn't happen in real life, and I guess other people do, too. I wonder why we enjoy them when we know they're all fake?


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Well, I really need to differentiate two kinds of "fake." For one, there's the fact that everything is fake in a fictional story in the sense that it has all been written by someone and is being put on by actors pretending to be someone. Then there's the sense of "fake" of things happening that are impossible, like Superman flying.

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  • Mar 23 2013: As we know that we the people are temporary in this planet and in order to being an hard working guy we should some times be Jolly.And that comes from watching TV,Going to movies.If I went to an action movie and after coming out from the theater say If I watched out a bruce lee movie and I feel like kicking some one as I got the powers of Bruce lee..Lol. By watching movies we can analyse the creative work of Director's.Watching adventure movies basically I perceive How will be my life like this.It's just an Analogy from Bogus to Real which we'll see it in the Reel.
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      Apr 4 2013: Yes, when we watch a film, we can just relax and let the film do the work.

      Also, you're right, we identify with the characters, if we see the main character fighting evil successfully, we might feel good, think about the times we've fought evil or resolve to fight it in the future.

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