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Why does the security situation in Iraq remain as it is?

We need to focus on the real issues facing the Iraqi Security forces / departments to establish a good security conditions country-wide.


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  • Mar 21 2013: If a person believes in God--Allah, as firmly as we are told about your people in our media, I would not think anyone of a different sect or religion, should ever try to tell you anything, because you have Allah on your side, right?
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      Mar 23 2013: RE: "Very true Edward. . . " At the expense of all who stand in the way of Law and Order as it is defined by the new sheriff.
      • Mar 23 2013: That's true, but what sheriff is without bias or wrong doing?
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          Mar 23 2013: If you wait for a perfect authority to make, and keep the peace that won't be until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back in the clouds to reign forever over a new heaven and a new Earth. Until then we are stuck with Jungle Rules. King of the HIll, New Sheriff in Town, whatever the system is called, the best we can hope for is that the King of the Jungle offers a way to coexist with him and others.
      • Mar 23 2013: Lol, ok, but that doesn't mean we have to like it or not challenge it, right?
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          Mar 23 2013: Right. And that brings us full-circle back to the idea that the new shiriff better act with Shock and Awe, take no prisoners, and quell all challengers without delay. Otherwise it's a shoving contest like we have now. Back to square one.
      • Mar 23 2013: Isn't that what our congress is, a shoving match?
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          Mar 24 2013: The question we are discussing is, "Why does the security situation in Iraq remain as it is?" The answer is that the game (New Sheriff/King of the Hill/Jungle Rules) is being played incorrectly. The US is not being sufficiently aggressive against the forces opposed to Law and Order in Iraq. The US behaves as it does in accordance with the directions of the POTUS and the COTUS, there is the shoving match as you say. Meanwhile the forces against Law and Order in Iraq roam freely doing their harm.
      • Mar 24 2013: Playing to audiences has its drawbacks. Claiming to kill the bully for the people and then becoming the next bully might look bad.
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          Mar 24 2013: Sorry Jim, I don't have much interest in outcomes. It is the tactics of human interaction that interest me. Iraq is just another example of restrained conflict which has cost the US heavily in lives, dollars, and global respect. Take the last time we did it right for example. Japan attacked us. We reacted with full force and fury. They surrendered. No more trouble. Japan thrives. US leaves them alone after a period of policy making occupation during which ALL, repeat ALL, opposition was sought-out and destroyed. We don't operate that way any longer so the situation in Iraq has not improved. Lives, limbs, dollars, and global respect thrown into the crater.
      • Mar 24 2013: Ah, I understand.

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