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Security Advisor, Nabors Industries

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Why does the security situation in Iraq remain as it is?

We need to focus on the real issues facing the Iraqi Security forces / departments to establish a good security conditions country-wide.


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    Mar 22 2013: sounds like a problem that is way bigger then just your ability to do your job. If my country(Canada) ran out of power,we suspect people who are normally peaceful would do destructive things,not all but enough to create chaos. Long term hardship would also lead to violence and death unfortunately. I suspected that all this time from your invasion and forward that the stress endured by your citizens was never properly portrayed. Really even though it looks somewhat bleak the tolerance of the people to endure suffering and hardship and remain civilized at all should be commended...I hope you realize how serious running water,hydro and safety are to everyone. IN the west,if we want to make sure a group of rebels is clearly marked for removal,we write movies about them that convince everyone how inhuman they are. WE portray them hurting woman and children,they swagger,they lie cheat and dont respect their mothers. The movies makes everyone feel a hatred for the group...we can pick any group we want really and sway our people either way. How about a t,v show illustrating the extremist elites as selfish and unclean,wasteful...or what about transporting water to the attractive places so your team in armoured cars draw the firepower to yourselfs(sorry) and your efforts to relieve hardship is symbolized by the human gift of water itself. In some countires(Egypt) their are people whose occupation is selling water in containers..I think they even deliver.Could not an armoured tank drag a supply of contained water.?AS for hydro power what about solar panels...Dont you have a lot of sunlight? There is a section of discussions on energy productiion somewhere on Ted,in conversations or talks. There are lightbulbs that one can place in soil that micro organisms cause to light up. We have stores here where for 20 dollars we can by solar lights that activate during the day to release lights for night...would these be of any use..for anyone? Media would be my 1st client

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