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Mohammedridha Alaskari

Security Advisor, Nabors Industries

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Why does the security situation in Iraq remain as it is?

We need to focus on the real issues facing the Iraqi Security forces / departments to establish a good security conditions country-wide.


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  • Mar 21 2013: I have little knowledge of the status of any security situation in Iraq.
    But I have heard stories about certain private contractor mercenaries in Iraq
    that had their gun permits revoked and visa's not renewed.
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      Mar 21 2013: some of the Private Security Companies they don't have any contracts with the oil or iraqi companies. on the other hand Iraqi government trying to minimize the number of private security companies so that they revoked some of them.
      • Mar 21 2013: Mohammedridha,

        I had the impression that Private Contractors were mostly Mercenaries,
        working for the US State Dept, as guards for 2 new US Embassies, built
        before the troops left Iraq.

        What are a Private Security Company duties?
        Are they people-friendly, or scary as heck?
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          Mar 21 2013: Frank,
          Yes you are right, private security companies they are working for the US embassies and Oil company transporting their personnel and equipment as well. i believe that 90 % of the guards and PSD are Iraqis before they were scary but now they are just like the other companies especially down south they are friendly..
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        Mar 21 2013: RE: "Occupation forces planted. . . " Many folks don't like the new sheriff. That is not a problem unless they actively oppose him by criminal activity. Law and Order is the goal. Breakers of the Law, and disturbers of Order are the problem. If they are not met with swift and sufficient suppressing force they will continue to cause trouble. Where these bad guys got their weapons and their appetite for harming innocent people is not the point here. The goal is to establish Law and Order by whatever means necessary. To fail is to perpetuate the status quo.
        • Mar 21 2013: edward,

          You have explained it well.

          The problem will change as criminal activity is brought under control.

          Limited Liability Laws, pertaining to Religions, Justices, Politicians
          and Corporations provide a nest for White Collar and Mafia type
          criminal activity.

          The United States has had similar problems for over 200 years now.
          The answer is simple. The application non-existent.
          So we continue to suffer.

          You may recall the USSR disassembling.
          The quickly identifiable Russian Mafia.
          The move to a Capitalistic society.
          They continue to suffer..
        • Mar 23 2013: Very true Edward, but at who's expense, the Sunni's? Sorry, frank said it better.

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