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Is Theology a dying subject?

If everybody became an "atheist" then there would be no longer any point in "Theology" being a subject, or would the definition of "God" (not that I have found a proper definition of what "God" is!) change?
And if this is true : "that theology is a dying subject" then what implications does this have? Does this mean Man-kind had no purpose, and that life is just meaningless? And that objective morality does not exist? (personally have never really understood this argument).

See my other TED debate : "Can God be defined? Or in other words : What is God?" (Link :

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    Mar 20 2013: No. No subject is a dying subject.

    Even the dinosaurs, which are now extinct, continue to generate much conversation, as well as children's literature. :)
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    Mar 21 2013: i just hope that my calling myself a christian doesn't blurr any one's opinion of my thoughts: i didn't think it was.
    (yeah nevermind i think does have something to do with my religious affilliation.)
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    Gail .

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    Mar 21 2013: Theology is being replaced by the science that TED bans any TED talks about.

    What implications does this have? Humans are not what they believe themselves to be. They are powerful creatures in their own right. They believe themselves to be vulnerable, so they perceive themselves as vulnerable in a very scary world. Once they know how powerful they are, they will start perceiving their safety and war can come to an end. Because as we do to others (in thought, word, & deed) it IS done to us, people will treat one another differently -- because the separations that most see between us is a perceptual illusion).

    Institutions that rest on power hierarchies (governments, religions, corporations) will crumble along with money as god. But because we are so powerful as individuals, we will be able to thrive once we remove the shackles from our own minds.

    The notion of "morality" will cease to exist, and it will be replaced by an awareness of ethics (people will be reconnected to their consciences/feelings). The tyranny of immoral morality "imposed" on us will end. Fear can then come to an end.

    Ultimately, humankind will discover its purpose and meaning will be allowed back into people's lives. It's such a bright world on the other side of the tyrannical, sadistic God that so many cling to today.

    PS: If you have never understood how an objective morality cannot exist, you have never really looked into the science that would show you how that can be. Open your mind and think it through - if you dare.
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      Mar 21 2013: No I find it hard to understand how "objective morality" can not exist. I feel I must explain this further :
      I find it hard to understand that when people say : "because there is no God, there can be no objective morality". I find this must be false.
      But I suppose it does depend on your definition on "objectivity" doesn't it.
      I mean if I defined good as "beneficial" then morality could obviously be objective, because (even if you don't have the data) you could try and measure what was "beneficial" to you and maximized your ulitily.
      While I am interested : "The tyranny of immoral morality". What is "immoral morality" is that just morality you disagree with? Because if that is so, then morals are just subjective.
      I hope I have explained this well enough. :)
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        Gail .

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        Mar 21 2013: Immoral morality. Let me give you a few examples.

        The just war concept.
        Governments outlawing abortions or homosexual unions.
        Religions proselytizing.
        Using fear as a weapon.
        Money as the social glue of our culture

        These things are immoral morality. They are legal, but unethical. There is no one-size-fits all ethical code. God has one, but as there is no God, "His" ethical code doesn't exist. Your conscience (consciousness) will lead you to the best choices, unless you have blocked out most of it. If you have done that (and it sounds like you have), then you will ask someone to decide morality for you (as it sounds like you have done). This means that you have made those to whom you have given authority over your life into your god(s) even while you worship the one that you do not give the same respect to.
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          Mar 21 2013: While I worship no "God" (in the personal form anyway.)
          And I always decide to view whether something is "right or wrong" myself, and don't accept what an authority would say.
          While my own morality is "maximizing utility and minimizing pain" (with the implications of positive psychology), which can be objectively calculated. While I know many would disagree with me.
          I mean if I defined "God" as the universe, then no matter if I worship the universe, it is likely that the universe will probably never give anything back.
  • Mar 21 2013: Bernard,

    Oh no... Not a dying subject.

    Everyone needs a wall to lean on during times of stress.
    Have an accident, be hurt, or hurt another, and you cry, "Oh God, why me."

    Gods are popular today, the only difference is governments are backing away
    from religious connections, except maybe for Islam and Judaism.

    Without religious influence within governments, the governments grow less moral,
    and more corrupt, if that could be believed.

    The problems with religions are that they are more brutal than governments ever
    thought of being. Especially with children. We awakened to find church leaders
    were child molesters, thieves, and scoundrels. And not just today, this century,
    but for the last couple of thousand years.

    Today there is a religion for any type of God you might imagine.
    Theology isn't dying, but it sure is boring.
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    Mar 21 2013: Is this a play on words? When the subject is "dying and death", the debate is not over until God, or gods, have been considered. In that sense Theology is not A dying subject, it is THE dying subject. Of course Atheists prefer to leave God, or gods, out of the debate, but that is not a fair look at all the views.
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    Mar 21 2013: G'day Bernard

    I think a lot of us have replaced theology with media entertainment this is why theology has waned in my view to a great extent, it's not because we don't need or want spiritual guidance we just replaced it with something even more unbelievable which is strange in a world of high technology which would to me mean smarter people but it doesn’t.

    I think also theology is taking a battering with the invent of new age spirituality which has a huge amount of flaws in it as pointed out in my blog.