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Are there times truth is traded for justice when it comes to stories told?

Very recently Kenya held their elections, From previous elections in 2007 that caused maybe the ugliest violence we have seen since independence, the whole world had their eyes on us.

Everyone wanted to see how peaceful Kenyans would go through the process. At the culmination our election bodies and some head apoointed individuals applauded the media for steering off anxiety stories or stories that might build hate and hysteria.

Yes the silence helped calm the situation however some people might argue the media shied off highlighting key issues that affected the elections hence the current petition against the outcome of the results.

I ask, do we present the truth or do we hide it to keep peace.

What is the role/ where does the line draw for the media to present truth to the people regardless of outcome?

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    Mar 21 2013: yes i believe so.
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    Mar 24 2013: I missed the bit where you defined 'truth' but try another question. Should people be accountable for their actions? If so what role does the media play in that? I think you'll soon conclude that collusion in cover-up is bad for society.

    There are countless historical incidents where witnesses have had a lifetime of guilt covering-up, whether it is child-abuse or the (to my mind bizarre) Fukishima fifty [http://www.economist.com/blogs/banyan/2012/10/japans-nuclear-disaster]