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Can the one child policy solve poverty by making the poor extinct?

Continued existence of families living below the poverty line depend on the eligibility of their bachelorette or bachelor. Since Economic status is a great determinant of eligibility, there is a higher likelihood that those in the bottom of the socio economic pyramid will lose out. Union of families fostering single children also means that all resources will be funneled meaning greater Economic wealth. Single child system also means that those who cannot afford to marry and take care of his or her parents would ultimately have to choose between the two, which means increased incidences for self determined lineage extinction. Another imbalance to consider is the gender disproportion towards men, meaning reproductive opportunities would be limited to those who are able.


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  • Mar 21 2013: Truth and justice are at the very heart of learning. Most schools, like lawyers and congress, care nothing for the truth or justice. My schools taught copy and paste. My bosses taught, hooray for me and the hell with you. Congress stands in the open, taking bribes. Congress divides itself and the people, by having 2 parties that create fighting and gridlock, instead of one people, working towards the greater good.

    Without truth and justice, there is no learning and no moving forward.
    • Mar 21 2013: The question I pose to you is, are truth and justice more valued in a sustainable economy? If one faction does not have enough to survive, will they care too much about truth and justice?

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