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Should we clone and revive Homo Neanderthal?

Scientists at Max Planck Institute have sequenced the complete genome of Neanderthal. What benefits could N. bring to the Sapiens mix of Today? And should interbreeding be contemplated?


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    Mar 25 2013: Neanderthal and Sapiens belong to the genus Homo. Apes in the sense of primates, then. So that's not the point. I will research a little on the issue of Neanderthal DNA in Sapiens. I would posit to Bernard that Neanderthal were very self-aware, could imagine, but perhaps did not have a "theory of mind." The more this discussion goes on, the more confused I am feeling. I follow Fabio and previous participants on this issue, but I remain wanting to know more about the Neanderthal DNA I might be carrying - and why I am carrying it. Thing is, I am confused, not being a geneticist: how can I carry Neanderthal DNA but be Sapiens? Sapiens is not descended from Neanderthal. If anything, it would be the other way round? Neanderthal as a throw-back? Puzzlements! Can someone enlighten me before the end of this discussion? Thanks to All.

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