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Should we clone and revive Homo Neanderthal?

Scientists at Max Planck Institute have sequenced the complete genome of Neanderthal. What benefits could N. bring to the Sapiens mix of Today? And should interbreeding be contemplated?


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  • Mar 23 2013: There is so much science refuses to test, because it could disprove the so called giants in science. In the light test to and from the moon, light could not maintain in its wave form. By the time the wave got back from the trip, only individual photons were left, so science claims. Can you imagine what would happen if scientists installed a laser light on a probe, from a million miles out?
    Science refuses to test, because space will likely break apart the wave. Why else won't science test it?

    Challenge all in science. Most scientists are taught cut and paste and like lawyers, the super majority merely do as they are told.
    • Mar 25 2013: Challenging what is believed based on new observations is at the heart of science. Science challenges itself by definition. Galilleo challenged the church and was incarcerated, but he didn't stop doing "science". He didn't do what he was told. He challenged the authority. In doing so, he changed the world for us all, removing one more of the shackles the church had on the collective human mind.
      Science IS challenge. Anyone in science who is not challenging himself/herself, a peer, a teacher, an elder, a congregation, a courtroom, another scientist or any other authority is NOT doing science!
      • Mar 25 2013: Do you think you can DEFEND science today? Evolution science is corrupt and easily provable, except to evolutionists. They are the flat earthers of today.

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