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Should we clone and revive Homo Neanderthal?

Scientists at Max Planck Institute have sequenced the complete genome of Neanderthal. What benefits could N. bring to the Sapiens mix of Today? And should interbreeding be contemplated?


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  • Mar 24 2013: The whole de-extinction issue is starting to become more real with the actual de-extinction of extinct species. Neanderthal is of course just one species that is extinct. Some easier species to de-extinct have been re-introduced in small quantities but as yet are limited to zoos and research projects. of interest is the intermediate stages needed to create the environment in which an extinct genome is activated as a blastocyst, once that has been achieved then picking the host species for the first few introductory samples is critical once you have enough of them however they can begin to breed on their own.

    Care should be taken to design a breeding population that has enough distance between versions of the genome to keep from becoming inbred, but that is just a matter of introducing enough variation in the genome sequences actually introduced.

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