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Should we clone and revive Homo Neanderthal?

Scientists at Max Planck Institute have sequenced the complete genome of Neanderthal. What benefits could N. bring to the Sapiens mix of Today? And should interbreeding be contemplated?


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    Mar 24 2013: A perfect plot for a new love story. Boy neanderthal, girl homo sapiens and the villain the species gap. A love story needs a girl and a boy and a villain which prevents them from coming together.
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      Mar 24 2013: Ah! The Beauty of Dreaming... We Sapiens do that well, Adesh. Part of our species loveliness. Neanderthal must have dreamt too, obviously. My cat dreams aloud all the time. The problem remains. I come down in this discussion on the side of "dream on, mon coco" as my grandmother would say. I wish we could revive H.N., for strictly sentimental reasons, the underdog attraction bullied by Sapiens, etc. But we do not know the circumstances of their extinction (Thank you, Pabitra), and we are not ready to take responsibility for creating new beings when we cannot decently manage our own kind. One day, perhaps. When I posted the discussion, I was considering what fresh infusions to our culture and genetic pool might inject - positively - into Sapiens, which seems in dire need of some re-tooling. I was not considering that we continue to evolve as a species. Best to see where we are headed before we start vamping up any on-going recipes!

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