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What do you think Elon Musk should do next?

PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity, a brilliant resumé for a brilliant man. However lets face it, at some point Elon Musk will probably move onto even bigger and better things.
What global issues would you like to see Elon tackle next with his extraordinary mind and large piles of cash?


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  • Apr 18 2013: I am nominating Elon Musk for the TED Prize of 2014:

    QUESTION: How familiar are you with the TED ecosystem? Among the TED community, TEDx organizers are a passionate and action oriented group of collaborators who would be excited to support the TED Prize. They tend to be self-starters, hard workers, and highly creative—and they’re spread out all over the world. How might the nominee engage them with their TED Prize wish?

    If there is anyone who has is passionate and action oriented past to boast about it is Elon Musk. Looking at all the companies Elon Musk has founded to date PayPal, SpaceX, TESLA, Solar City he is a self-starter, hard working and highly creative individual. Looking at his track record to date Elon Musk is a visionary, charismatic, pragmatic, ambitious, extraordinary, collaborative, resilient, high-impact, innovative, imaginative, determined, audacious, engaging and is inexhaustible person. Elon Musk has the ability to articulate a world-changing wish personified in SpaceX, TESLA and Solar City that inspires collaborative action. Elon Musk has demonstrated that he has vision and charisma to lead and manage others like he did in his first Internet company PayPal, his first Space company SpaceX and his first Silicon Valley Electric Car Company TESLA and founded Solar City. After his huge success with NASA and SpaceX Elon Musk has demonstrated the ability to budget $1 million initiative and execute a multi-year project. Elon Musk has shown the willingness to leverage both the TED and the TEDx community to support his three wishes: namely to put mankind on MARS, to electrify the US and the world through Solar Energy and mass produce an inexpensive Electric Sedan. In conclusion the VISIONARY Elon Musk has set foot in the US with an ambition and life long wish to contribute to humanity in Space, and in Technology.

    Reference 1 (First / Last name): NASA
    Relationship to Nominee: Client
    Email Address: www.nasa.gov; info-center@hq.nasa.gov Ph: (202) 358-0000

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