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What do you think Elon Musk should do next?

PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity, a brilliant resumé for a brilliant man. However lets face it, at some point Elon Musk will probably move onto even bigger and better things.
What global issues would you like to see Elon tackle next with his extraordinary mind and large piles of cash?


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    Mar 21 2013: I would love to buy a Tesla riding lawn mower that is changed via a SolarCity product.
    (A mower that mulches and exhaust the grass clipping out the back alone with compost tea.)

    For SpaceX start a subdivision that creates robots for mining and construction at deep-sea, moon and mars. Alone with high-speed data connection so they can be controlled from anywhere.

    For something new I love for Musk to bring his brilliance to the holistic management movement. Possibly creating a system so investors could found and micro found people who want to be ranger in currently desert areas.

    Whatever he does I’m sure it will be done with the passion and will be jaw-dropping.

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