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If certain scientific laws remain consistent, is reincarnation / rebirth logical?

The theory of relativity E=MC^2 indicates that energy can be converted into matter. Energy can also be neither created nor destroyed. Due to the fact that these principles seem to hold true within the infinite nature of math, physics, and the universe, is re-incarnation not a logical idea based on our current level of understanding? For example, if when i die my energy can never be destroyed, and can be converted into mass, would there not be an instant within this infinite cycle that my energy will convert to mass and replay every possible scenario of existence possible?


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  • Mar 21 2013: Physical law is the methods we use to understand what we perceive and how various observations (generally) co-exist. Mathematics and measurement are just one of the many ways to better understand and document these relationships, why then would it be absurd to apply these to the energy of our consciousness. There are many ways to view and translate what we perceive, and we use these various tools to help in our understanding. I don't see why measurement should be ruled out when trying to better understand our place in the world we perceive?
    • Mar 21 2013: Luke,
      It may be that in the far distant future that we can actually develop tools to measure consciousness. I have even heard of some people managing to contact spirit beings on the computer ....

      I think our tools are far too "physical" But I also think that we have it in our own ability to make contact with souls that have crossed over the threshold. If one is open to such ideas. That this realm at all exists. There is not much room in the materialistic sciences of the day for such ideas. Although there are some asking such questions.

      I think that NDE will one day prove this realm of existence. ... That our consciousness survives physical death.

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