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If certain scientific laws remain consistent, is reincarnation / rebirth logical?

The theory of relativity E=MC^2 indicates that energy can be converted into matter. Energy can also be neither created nor destroyed. Due to the fact that these principles seem to hold true within the infinite nature of math, physics, and the universe, is re-incarnation not a logical idea based on our current level of understanding? For example, if when i die my energy can never be destroyed, and can be converted into mass, would there not be an instant within this infinite cycle that my energy will convert to mass and replay every possible scenario of existence possible?


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    • Mar 21 2013: However, if the universe is infinite in nature, over time, there would statistically (no matter how minuscule) be a time when the universe will collapse on itself forcing planets to collide and there will me another (out of million, billions, trillions of big bangs) when the energy originally from the soil your body, brain, ext will reform into another being. I personally have a lot of trouble envisioning this being that we as humans are programmed to think in a linear patter based on time with our lives taking place between conception and death. The thing that baffles me though, is if energy is infinite, no matter how small the probability is, or how long it takes, every possible occurrence that can take place across the infinite plane will take place. I have never heard of anything similar to this mentioned, or even disputed, and struggle to figure out whether it is a problem in my understanding of physics, or a valid idea.
      • Mar 21 2013: Luke,

        We do not know what actually is happening in the universe.
        Theories only.
        The universe is unknown to humans.
        Nothing is proven that the Big Bang is real.
        Energy might or might not be infinite.
        The speed of light may be unrestrained,
        We know so little and guess so much.

        No one has come back from death to dance a jig.
        (Except of course in religious books and tales.)

        Laws of Physics and valid ideas are true, until their not.

        Newton's law is taught today in schools.
        It is wrong.
        Everyone knows it is wrong.
        But, it works in the classroom to get the point across.

        Why bother to try and teach something that is really hard to learn,
        if it will never be used and quickly be forgotten.
    • Mar 21 2013: ZX,

      You've won the HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award.
      Thank you.

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