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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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  • Apr 10 2013: Yesterday my teacher in anthropology class said that because people at the IMF and UN are political they emphasize high cost visible solutions. As Westerners they emphasize free market values and rules placed on loans such as where to buy with said loans. The result a landscape littered with complex broken down machinery and equipment. Say a guy comes along with a very affordable bicycle powered irrigation system they reject it, instead they sell tractors the people don't have processed gasoline or parts when it breaks down, bicycle easy to repair, tractor complex.
    Simultaneously you have to say what is Cadbury doing what about DeBeers, Firestone. The companies that owned countries through commodities, forced capital taxes, and are still buying the commodities. The landscapes changed now I think Russia flooded the diamond market somehow, free trade coffee movement sprang up, I hear Firestone gave a more favorable contract to Liberia when Obama was elected.
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      Apr 16 2013: Hi David,
      Thanks for the update from your anthropology class. There is a complex system and action that Africa and it allies undertake that does not benefit African people. There is a need for technology that is situated for African environment and also products made using local products. African are the only ones who can solve their own issues through help of outside world...it should not be the other way round....African have somewhat left their birthright to international organization to decide what is best for them...
      Love, Mary

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