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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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  • El Sol

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    Apr 8 2013: Usually its bush race, uncivilised people and world of wild animals ...thats what my European friend told me.
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      Apr 10 2013: Hey El Sol,
      This an exact comment I got from one of my schoolmate in the USA. She thought of Africans as uncivilized, and she was confused how comes some Africans who come to USA don't look uncivilized. It all depends on which part of region you visit. Mainly in every country within the continent, there are some tribes that are still conservative tightly holding to their culture...however I would guess Africa is becoming modernized using Kenya as an representation of other countries.....
      And yes, a lot of wild animals....
      Thanks for sharing...
      Love, Mary

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