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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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  • mary T

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    Apr 3 2013: 1. poor people dancing with poles or spears, jumping up and down 2. Humphrey Bogart 3. Friends of mine who go on christian missions, resembling vacation trips, 4. rape, rape, rape 5. murder 6. endangered species of animals being killed and wasted 7. giraffes.
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      Apr 4 2013: Hey Mary,"Mary had a little lamb" ( American always ask me if I know the song, once I introduce myself as Mary). I had a little goat though...did you have a little lamb??....lol....
      Back to serious business
      1. Your first thought.....I can associate it with one tribe I am familiar with "Masai in Kenya"....they dance holding spears....about the poverty... when it comes to finances and in comparison to standards expectation.
      2. Humphrey Bograt....Please tell me alittle about this gentleman...thanks..
      3. I love this one....atleast friends ( Did you wonna visit Africa after hearing their experiences?)
      4. Oh my god....this is terrible and on the rise....(facts from my village)....
      5. Hope people can become more empathatic and caring....not forgetting reasonable...
      6. Truly agree with animals being killed and wish we could be more caring
      7. Lovely giraffes with their height and spots....I find giraffes beautiful especially long neck and "small" mouthThanks for contributing and sharing your thoughts Mary......I just replied back with my thoughts...some can be biased.....Love, Mary

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