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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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    Mar 24 2013: First thing come in my mind is: the torture, poverty, suffering, Injustice ..
    • Mar 24 2013: none of them were created by Africans themselves ...
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        Mar 24 2013: Really ...... ????
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        Mar 25 2013: As always there is no one person or event that can be held as the sole cause. This is where bleeding hearts and curruption meet and assess blame ... (and where fights ensue). For centuries there has been tribal warfare, raids for wives and slaves by neighboring tribes, and the exporting of humans to other countries ... tribes gathered them and whites shipped them. Tribal areas still exist.

        Many countries saw the wealth and resources in Africa from trade routes to minerals and resources and exploited the people and raped the ground. Natives who had never been more than a few miles from their village did not understand the value of what others wanted on a international scale.

        Even today deals are being brokered with countries within Africa that only a few are benefiting from. As bad as the curruption is the power struggles are even worse. The value of life and the respect of the person means nothing to these power brokers and militants.

        We complain that China pays their workers only dollars a day while China sublets the labor to Africa for cents a day.

        The question, "Did Africa dig their own hole?" still looms. No ... not entirely ... however they have done little to correct the situation. Today education is gaining a foothold in the metro areas and some of the centruy old cultural taboos are being dismissed in the rural areas. This is a very slow process. Success takes one step forward and often two steps back.

        As is often the case the educated people leave the farm and go to town ... we need more of the educated to stay at home and become part of the solution.

        There are those who say military is the answer and others say if we convered them to (name a religion) then all of their problems would be solved. Both are wrong. The answer will come from the people over time.

        Mary ... I am often very blunt. However, I do try to be honest and not blow a lot of smoke on you.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
        • Mar 25 2013: Hi Robert

          with all respect from your profile picture I can't say whether you are white or black person. I believe it is your beloved pet and you wished to share here on TED. to me when people choose different picture before their own, they have something to hide, (hiding behind the mask and expressing thoughts)

          "As always there is no one person or event that can be held as the sole cause."
          who went there and intent to teach them how to drink tea, Robert?
          who went there to seek diamonds and gold, Robert?

          "For centuries there has been tribal warfare, raids for wives and slaves by neighboring tribes, and the exporting of humans to other countries ... tribes gathered them and whites shipped them" - the whites were shipping them to another continent? WOW, this must be the greatest achievement of white-kind.
          who taught them TRADE, Robert?
          who had invented money (coin then) ? perhaps Romans,(the white man) and perhaps they were first corrupted nation on Earth, spreading the idea of corruption.

          yes tribes fought , not for gold and diamonds or land, not for and against corruption. but food and women.

          Africa is RICH, the wealth of Africa is everywhere, its inhabitants do not need to look somewhere else wealth, they were happy with what they had.
          but in certain continents where white lives, the invented a words Desire for they would use that instead of Greed. That so called: "desire" of having more than we need makes as to ruin others to enrich ourselves. then sit back and say: "poor people cant make a living! let's give some cents back and tell them we are helping them." same happen in Latin America, in India, far East.
          Not an African came to invade Europe or any other continent, because they were rich and happy where they were, they were no violent people, we taught them how to be.

          sometimes I am ashamed being white. and I believe it is every white ones duty to admit their inhuman deeds.


          have courage to admit!
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          Mar 26 2013: Edwin

          "Not an African came to invade Europe or any other continent, because they were rich and happy where they were, they were no violent people, we taught them how to be."

          Au contraire the number of white slaves taken by Africans dwarfs what America took from Africa:


          Get over yourself, when you claim someone is a victim you certainly are not doing them a favor in fact is a huge insult.

          If you understand this no explanation is necessary, if you do not then no explanation is possible.
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          Mar 26 2013: Hey Robert,

          I see where you are coming from. Yes Africans issues were somewhat caused by outside, however African played a big role in betraying their fellow African. The biggest challenge African are facing now is to do away with victim mentality and recoup their power. African have robbed themselves the power and responsibility by constantly blaming western countries.
          Yes, African were oppressed, Yes Africans faced injustice....but those days are long gone if only African can think for themselves.
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        Mar 26 2013: Edwin, I admit no such thing. However, pointing out that someone arrived with the intent to make them drink tea is cruel ... I may have trouble sleeping knowing that. But all will be well knowing that I can hide behind my cat photo ... a well thought out ploy to avoid responsibility. LOL.

        My race should not be an issue. In fairness we should judge the man. What if I said that all redheads love to fight ... only blonds can have fun ... all kids named Edwin have bow legs .... etc ... those are glaring generalities that hold no truth. That whites are solely to blame for all the ills of the world is so simplistic that I have a hard time thinking that anyone would believe it in a modern educated world.

        I have re-read my statement above and do not see where I have laid blame ... I have however, stated some cause and effect and hopefully a direction for the future.

        Edwin I dismiss your emotional argument. I refer to my second sentence above ... " bleeding hearts and corruption meet to assess blame." You have assessed blame, in my opinion, as a bleeding heart.

        Howerver much we disagree ... I still wish you well. Bob.
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          Mar 26 2013: Edwin and Bob,

          I love when people express their emotions, fear and opinion. It is such a liberating experience to express what you truly feel. Sometimes we agree to disagree. The best discussion is where there is no winner nor loser but both party enrich their lives and expression and maybe learn a thing or two

          Love, Mama Africa
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      Mar 25 2013: @Mohammedridha,

      Torture, poverty, suffering, injustice...yes all this things exist in one way or another.Just like another continent. I bet what matters is the magnitude and focus.

      Hope the second thing that come in your mind is something positive......
      Can you visit Africa or you find it not safe to visit?


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        Mar 25 2013: Mary,
        of course there's such a good things.. I do think positive but I believe your question about Africa, this is my point of view of Africa, I might wrong I never been there..
        Yes I can visit Africa and I see it will be fine for me to visit Africa.
        • Mar 25 2013: Positive thinker never express negative thoughts. they know the power of thoughts.
          and negative words are out of their lexicon.

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          Mar 26 2013: Hey Mohammedridha and Edwin,

          M.A, You so welcome to Africa, and please start with Kenya:) whenever you get the chance. I love that you find the continent safe and interesting.

          E.N....Can't agree more on the power of thoughts....." Be careful what you think, you might get it".

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