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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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    Mar 24 2013: First things comes to my mind is, i want to go there. The continent seems distant. Aparthied, seggregation of people on basis of their color in south africa, poverty in other African countries. Wonderful jungle, savanah, wild animals.
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      Mar 25 2013: The poverty level is high compared to some continents....however this does not mean all African are poor. It is a normal continent like any other i.e. very rich, middle class and poor.

      Yes go see the wild animals and amazing people, you might be surprised that though people don't have as much wealth, there might as well be named the happiest....

      Love, Mary......( I told you twice to visit)
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        Mar 25 2013: I have been to Egypt. nice place, ancient history.
        Definately i will go th South Africa too. Suggest any other places.

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