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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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      Mar 22 2013: Thanks Kate for warm welcome. I am pleased to be part of this inspiring community. I am originally from Kenya and I conquered with your point that every continent has it good and bad points. Yes there is conflicts, aids, famine and such. Also there is wild life ( you should go for safari...lol), and other great places, mountains, amazing people and a sense of community belonging, did I forgot most people are willing to help you even as a stranger.
      From experience, I would say that Africa is largely associated with bad, which is a bias. It is just like watching Hollywood in TV and assuming that all of Africa is like Hollywood. There is more good than bad.
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          Mar 23 2013: Hey Kate, I read this post immediately you posted it, and yes my eyes were eager to shed some tears....(the stream of tears did not ask for permission or even alert me). Had to take a break and reflect on good memories.
          I really miss Kenya, the village life, great people and all that, though I have made a choice of staying in US with occasion visits to motherland. ...

          And yes the internet is a great way, and I am on the look out for ways to get fellow villagers connected to the global world....
          I miss the calmness of trees surrounding my parents house, I miss the swing...i.e. rope tied on a mango tree, and yes speaking in mother tongue 24/7...lol
          Your are truly a global soul who can pick emotions.

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          Mar 25 2013: Thanks Kate for letting me know your little secret...digital hug.....

          It is such a great new topic and I will be willing to contribute....all sweet home...

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