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If you have NEVER been to Africa, when someone mentions "Africa" or you hear "Africa", what is the FIRST thing that comes into your mind?

People associate different regions/continent based on media, informational material, myths, stereotypes and such. The main idea of this discussion is to find out what people who never had "first hand experience" think about the continent. Thanks for your contribution.


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    Mar 22 2013: lol ok I'm cheating, you can disqualify me later since I have been there before and currently am in. The first thing that would come to my mind when people say I want to go to Africa is that, "I hope they know its not a country but a continent, since even Ghana and Nigeria are so different in culture but yet they share a border." (sry I am answering a completely different question)
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      Mar 23 2013: Benjamin Abegunde.....where have you been??

      Glad to see you here again......hopefully you have made great strides in stopping your countrymen with acquiescing to suffering?

      Welcome back!
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      Mar 23 2013: Benjamin,
      I cheated too because I've been to Egypt......BUT......my impression of Egypt, was more like my imagination/perception of the Middle East, rather than Africa....not surprising becaue it is close. So, I understand what you are saying when you remind us that each area of Africa is very different:>)
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        Mar 23 2013: Colleen, you have to pay for cheating...send me virtual hug we settle. I agree with your view about Egypt; more of Middle East than Africa, I share the same sentiment. And surely Benjamin raised an important point of Africa misconceived by some as a country, and to add to that misconception, I have met people who ask me whether we share backyard with monkeys.....I wish we did....

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          Mar 23 2013: Dear Mary,
          I will take my punishment with pleasure....consider yourself hugged....many times:>)

          I live in Vermont, which is a very tiny state in the northeast, USA, next to NY. and people way out west, in the very large states sometimes think we are part of the state of NY! LOL! Our states are very different in some ways as well:>)

          Have you heard of the true story and book "King Peggy"? You are right....I like to read! She's right near you in Washington D.C., and maybe you could connect with her? I think of this because of your homesickness, which Kate expertly flushed out!

          Peggielene Bartels is from Ghana, came to the US as a young woman and worked at the Embassy of Ghana in DC since 1970....the last I knew, she still works there part of the time. She got a call from a relative in Ghana in 2008 telling her that she was the new "king" of the town of Tantum. The fascinating true story, as told in her book "King Peggy" tells us a lot about her adjustment in going back to Ghana, where I think she still spends some of her time as a ruler:>)

          There are several links on- line about her and here is one:


          Sending you love and hugs,
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          Mar 23 2013: Hello Mary, do you rent your backyard for elderly monkeys? :)
          When I think of Africa, I feel I have cousins there.
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          Mar 23 2013: I would let him into my backyard anytime Mary. I think he is a pretty good ol' chimp:>)
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        Mar 25 2013: Hey Colleen,
        Thanks for the hug...I feel better now.

        And yes, Vermont is never a state to me....thanks for reminding me...Before coming to US, I thought US is NY and California. Yes I was shocked to discovery 50+ states.
        Seriously, if was testing and was asked whether Vermont is a City or State, I would have proudly stated a "City", and start bragging about how I aced my American geography test....

        Thanks for Peggielene information and the links, I will surely check it out. Never heard of her before. Will update you after reading.

        Thanks for hugs and love....I feel less homesick....

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          Mar 25 2013: Hey Mary,
          I thought Africa was a "City" too....LOL:>) So, you discovered that there are a couple states between NY and CA? We are both doing good in geography!!!

          Glad you feel less homesick,.glad you are here in the US, and glad you are here on TED.
          More hugs and love coming your way:>)

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