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Is our species past relevant to the technology of tomorrow?

In your opinion, is there any more to gain from learning more about our species, culture or social behaviors from past civilizations that would enable us to change or alter technology today? If yes, explain...


Closing Statement from Leslie Backkart

Best point of understanding came from Mr Armstrong. Point of "distraction and profiteering" TRUTH! There is no benefit to the future of technology in the sands of Egypt or the dinosaur leg frozen in time. We have learned enough from our past to bring into our future. Now, let's end funding digging up the past. What a waste of money! Applause and cheers!

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    Mar 20 2013: Yes
    History teach us how to react on future occasions, How to not repeat our mistake and learn from others experiences.
    Lots of our problems are just differently shaped problems of pasts.

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