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Do elite private schools have a responsibility to improve local public schools?

Is it possible that a greater collaboration between public and private schools could enhance our society? Policies and practice could be shared and improved. In addition, students could work together on local service endeavors.


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  • Mar 21 2013: Fritzie and all - Why not look at the teachers and the students? A psychologist named Keirsey wrote several books on Myers-Briggs. The relevant one is his first one or first edition of - You Don't Understand Me. I gave my copy of it to my new niece by marriage. When you read that part on the distrubution of personality types among teachers and public school students, you will understand what happened to you and me in our good old public school days. Most teachers are Guardians and Idealists. If you are an Analytical(Promethian) or Artisan(Dionysian), you probably won't become a teacher. The former is the serious Yale student and the latter goes to Julliard. Okay - those are extreme examples, but you'll find the first group just happy teaching the honors students. The Artisans just don't fit in in public schools. Do you want creative people taching in Public High School in America? It's not going to happen except in honors classes. Get over it - The school boards don't want it to happen.
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      Mar 21 2013: Actually public schools can and do draw such teachers, but if the administrative apparatus then demands conformity to some prescribed set of approved actions, such teachers may tend to rebel as long as they can and then leave to pursue other options that are more receptive to their strengths.

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