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What does transparency mean to you?

As a profession I solve problems. These problems can vary a lot depending on the situation. project. culture. team. ...

But what I have been noticing is that the cause of many problems are the lack of transparency. Now I want to make my awareness about transparency stronger. I have been trying to do this by reflecting the question of 'What is transparency' on my daily life.

My questions now for you is. What does transparency mean for you?

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    Mar 20 2013: Transparency to me means the ability of being able to see where the final result came for. A transparent structure should allow an outsider to look at all sources involved [data, tangible supplies etc.], see all steps taken and be able to understand the underlying processes that led to the status quo. (Disclaimer: I work with numerical reports, involving costs & revenues. Transparency is key in my environment as reports are drawn and consolidated on multiple levels).
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    Mar 21 2013: In a social/political context transparency means elimination of corruption. For example: Wikileaks. More generally, transparency means a courage to lay bare a life and living it on own terms. For example, Mahatma Gandhi kept open his personal communications and even daily spendings - a portion of which now gives a view that he had homosexual relationship with his South African - Jew friend.
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    Mar 21 2013: i think that transparency in business does not exist, the main reason being that a company is made of people who have various (often times conflicting) interests. start-ups are probably the exception to the rule, but i'm not convinced they're much different.

    so yes, transparency is about communication and openness but can only be achieved for small teams in business.
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    Mar 21 2013: G'day Robbert

    See through meaning everything is visable, nothing hidden.

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      Mar 21 2013: i agree that debating helps, but it almost never happens in business. business people prefer to have meetings or simply tell others what they're supposed to do. debating is replaced by negotiations
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    Mar 20 2013: More generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability.

    We accept that the salary of the president is 400,000 but if you include all of the perks, benefits, and expenses incurred what does he cost the people in one term. Why does Michele travel on air force one, the presidents plane. She is not an elected official. Just the trip alone to Africa for her to meet her idol cost the taxpayers 424,142. Date nights and golfing with tiger cost us millions all total. They seem to vacation every two or three months.

    The same could be asked of Congress, CEOs, and others. For most salary is the least of their take, stocks, options, estates, transportation, and the beat goes on.

    So the question for me is not what is transparency but name something where transparency exists.
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    Mar 20 2013: Transparency is one of many available ingredients which participate in our decision making process regarding how to behave in social interactions. Transparency is a combination of honesty, plain-speaking and candor. Transparency is proportional to trust. We will use transparency more liberally when interacting with a trusted friend than with a stranger or a person known to be malicious and/or untrustworthy.
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    Mar 20 2013: it means there are many situations in life where there is no danger in revealing your thinking.

    It also means sometimes you can reveal your thinking even if the other person may think you a little strange.
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    Mar 20 2013: Accountability
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    Mar 19 2013: Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. And if something is done in secrecy its logical that problems are there. There are not problems that are created from lack of transparency, lack of transparancy is problem. If I pay taxes I want to know where my money goes. If I give money for charity, I want to see only one thing, That money ending up in charity budget.