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Black holes are not due to exploding stars, but rather due to spin.

Black holes spin into existence and position!

Black holes are not due to exploding stars.

From what science claims, black holes are created by massive stars exploding or imploding. i see it as the spinning motion of our galaxy at approx 600,000 mph and the spin of each celestial body that spins and rotates around each other inside the galaxy, setting up the spinning vortex we call black holes, at least that's how I see it. Science has claimed black holes are due to massive stars exploding or imploding and these largest of stars all just happen to be in te exact middle of each galaxy? How funny.


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  • Mar 26 2013: Sorry for the new comment couldn't reply anymore on yours.

    But I am not coming with the existence of dark matter but the theory. They have already simulated all the right conditions for a galaxy (including rotation speed and the guessed gravitational force of the black hole) and the galaxy fell apart.

    But by adding some sort of new element into the field they describe as dark matter.
    The galaxy did not fell apart so this already concludes that rotation speed does not hold it together (to current simulations) if the current simulations are wrong and they conclude rotation speed is the birth of blacl holes then so be it but the theory of it being dark matter in this case will last for some time until they prove otherwise.

    (Dark matter is not the same as dark energy)

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