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Black holes are not due to exploding stars, but rather due to spin.

Black holes spin into existence and position!

Black holes are not due to exploding stars.

From what science claims, black holes are created by massive stars exploding or imploding. i see it as the spinning motion of our galaxy at approx 600,000 mph and the spin of each celestial body that spins and rotates around each other inside the galaxy, setting up the spinning vortex we call black holes, at least that's how I see it. Science has claimed black holes are due to massive stars exploding or imploding and these largest of stars all just happen to be in te exact middle of each galaxy? How funny.


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  • Mar 26 2013: How interesting your theory seems but how would the first black hole have gotten into existence or let's say the very first ?? According to the big bang theory nearly what's it now 300.000 years after the first galaxies started to form. Its a chaos but a perfect chaos to sustain galaxies and so forth.

    To think they spin into existence then what happens to just 1 mile outside of a galaxy there should be some force or something too according to your theory.

    So I find spinning into existence highly unlikely. This would mean that the spinning force let's space and time collapse....

    The power of an exploding star with a gigantic burst of pure energy is capable according to theories

    Spinning creates something magnetic... But since there is little or no friction in space this is unlikely
    • Mar 26 2013: I don't ascribe to the Big Bang theory. I can't tell you how the first anything came about. According to all we see, the planets and suns could not have come together as they are. Each planet and suns atmosphere extend far out into space, but as long as our earth spins, we will have an atmosphere. However unlikely, spinning gravity is all that's holding our galaxy together.
      • Mar 26 2013: I quote from you ''however unlikely, spinning gravity is all that's holding our galaxy together''

        Now there is already proof that your spinning gravity isn't holding together galaxies but its dark matter.

        And how does spinning works in sphere like galaxies? Those aren't discs focused specificly on 1 line by spinning.

        So this concludes already that dark matter is the thing that holds galaxies together who would otherwise even with spinning gravity fall apart (calculated with supercomputers)
        • Mar 26 2013: Show proof of dark matter and then proof of how it holds the galaxy together.

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