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Black holes are not due to exploding stars, but rather due to spin.

Black holes spin into existence and position!

Black holes are not due to exploding stars.

From what science claims, black holes are created by massive stars exploding or imploding. i see it as the spinning motion of our galaxy at approx 600,000 mph and the spin of each celestial body that spins and rotates around each other inside the galaxy, setting up the spinning vortex we call black holes, at least that's how I see it. Science has claimed black holes are due to massive stars exploding or imploding and these largest of stars all just happen to be in te exact middle of each galaxy? How funny.


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  • Mar 23 2013: This doesn’t seem like a discussion? It all seems kinda one sided here?
    • Mar 23 2013: If other people rebutt what I've said, it will be called a debate,--discussion or they might agree, with addition, right? I offer a hypothesis and other people add or refute what's said.
      Discussion don't just appear from nowhere.
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        Mar 23 2013: Ok well this is one of your hypothesis

        "Our galaxy spins at about 600,000 mph. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I say that spinning creates friction on all the celestial bodies in each galaxy and that's what creates the spinning vortex, known as a black hole. If not, what is the opposing reaction of our galaxies 600,000 mph spin?"

        And my answer is that it would create gravity/dark matter and you have yet tell me how it wouldn't
        • Mar 23 2013: I’m not sure I agree with that Casey I think the spinning is more from the gravity of objects near each other the energy release is one object moving faster one moving slower?

          “friction” is energy released as heat or electric energy like lightning from water and air molecules rubbing
      • Mar 23 2013: But every time someone says something you just say there cut and pasting? Im still not clear on your views? I get the topic but your also implying your a creationist theory person and if you are there is no debate because everything is how he wanted it
        • Mar 24 2013: I don't believe in religion, so what are you going to blame it on now?
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          Mar 24 2013: Your ignorance, as a person that's what I am going to blame it on.... Prove me wrong Jim show me you can have a debate without name calling
        • Mar 24 2013: Gotta love people that think mediocracy is a good thing. They talk about what everyone else talks about. Mediocrity it seems is a perfect fit for most websites. They get plenty of hits, that drives the money train and who doesn't love that. As to anyone different, don't worry, we'll send in the hounds to chase them away or as so many sites, there are those that have nothing of their own, so they take it upon themselves to chase off any that don't fit. We can't have any that make others feel as if their schools did a bad job of teaching.

          The flat earth society is working hard, just as childish cliques in schools.

          Mediocrity is the flat earth society.
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          Mar 24 2013: Jim I think you smoke to much crack

          Once again please engage me in a debate of knowledge

          It is you who are acting like a child while me and Daniel are actually having a conversation
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          Mar 24 2013: Schools do a horrible job at educating are youth.
          What they teach is regurgitation not an education

          But what the heck does that have to do with this conversation?
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          Mar 24 2013: Right which is also how we measure gravity. Law of Universal Gravitation to calculate the mass of the Earth.

          But if you took up the equivalent of the mass of earth up in to outer space, say to build a death star, the death star would be "weightless" in outer space? Right? And then if it did have mass it would depend on the closest star or planet to it not its weight that it had here on earth so it would not be a "constant"
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        Mar 23 2013: Daniel, that's was part of the longer conversation that I was having with Jim to quote myself this is what I said

        Just like the spinning of the earth creates gravity here on earth, the spin of the galaxy as well as the celestial body's it is made up of create dark matter(edited gravity/dark matter)

        See below
        • Mar 24 2013: but its not the spinning that creates the gravity? its the mass of all the atoms from the surface of where your standing to the core but the spinning is canceling some of that out or you would weigh more than you do that is the centrifuge force
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        Mar 24 2013: Right but mass is a tricking thing because when you go into outer space where are planets are we have no mass. Does that mean the planets don't have mass either?
        • Mar 24 2013: there mass is calculated by the pull they have on there closest star
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      Mar 23 2013: That's because it seems to me that Jim wants to use some sort of old science, which I am not sure what that means.

      Maybe we should stop teaching the kids the world is "round"-ish and go back to that is flat. Although based on perception and view point one could argue that the world it both round and flat ....dualism at its finest
      • Mar 24 2013: A stalker like yourself is someone that has nothing of his own, so he tries to make anyone he can't keep up with, the object of your stalking.

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          Mar 24 2013: What are you talking about, It is that you like to think you are a know it all, but in reality you try to bully people into your veiw's. Why don't you try actually debating me instead you want to do some childish name calling.

          But see you can call me all the names you want I am a big boy. Specially since you certainly can't prove that you are smarter then me. So you can attack me all you want but what would be really cool it if you actually debate me.

          So I challenge you to prove you are smarter then me

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