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Churchill's famous analysis of Democracy

The great Sir Winston Churchill said of Democracy: (paraphrase): "It's the worst system imaginable . . . except for all the others." I agree, and would also say the same for capitalism / free enterprise. Your thoughts?


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    Mar 20 2013: One thing I consistently notice about anyone in power who complains about a system is that they reap the benefits and provide no workable alternatives (never mind actually trying to change the system when available).

    Its not too different with people in general.
    Claim a system doesn't work and needs to be removed/replaced > ultimately end up taking benefits of the system that wouldn't be there if we listened to them.

    My thoughts is that unless people are able to
    1. Provide a workable, practical system
    2. Actually be consistent in all cases with it
    they should be disregarded until that time.

    I have to hand it to Ron Paul though, he almost managed #2, right up until he didn't want to engage in the free-market for purchasing a website domain of his name so ran to a bigger authority to try and make them get it for him.
    So close, but no dice.

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