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What do you like or dislike about Elon Musk's Ted Talk?

What were the best and worst points that Elon talked about in your opinion and why?

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    Mar 20 2013: For me, the interview gave the impression that Elon Musk did all of the work, especially the scientific innovation, which I don't know if it's true or not (likely not). I will love to hear the contribution of thousand of people working in his companies. A bit too much credit for a single person.

    On the other hand, his vision is incredible.
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      Mar 30 2013: He is innovative in the way that Steve Jobs was innovative. He knows what he likes, and he knows how to get the right collection of people together to make his grand vision possible. It does take, as Anderson said, a unique collaboration of system-level ingenuity, design-level thinking, and a willingness to take extreme risks that makes someone like Jobs or Musk a success. Although both Jobs and Musk had/have a veritable ARMY at their backs, they themselves were/are the "secret sauce" that make the whole thing work. I would like to see him give credit to some of his people, though, but I feel there is a TOUCH of megalomania there, hidden behind the down-to-earth facade. ;)
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    Mar 20 2013: I am always taken back by the knowledge/information on Ted's talk, they all so open the mind, all should be part of a curriculum in the schools
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    Mar 20 2013: I agree with Bill below that this seems a highly valuable presentation for science and technology-interested young people to hear. Musk isn't as flashy as many speakers. He is about the ideas, the careful thought, and following through.
  • Apr 16 2013: I like the way he talks. Not formal. Not a polished speech. Just he and his 'off the top of his head' thoughts which are obviously his deeply embedded cherished beliefs. Go Elon!
  • Mar 27 2013: I like Elon Musk in general, and I think he's pushing the human race forward in the right direction. I think he could work on his stuttering and talking skills a little. He wasn't as smooth as some of the other entrepreneurs I know.
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      Mar 30 2013: One thing I have noticed is that Elon usually does these interview-style presentations. I wonder if he is mildly agoraphobic. Doing his talks in an interview format is probably the only way he CAN do these talks at all.
  • Mar 26 2013: I agree. He must be one of the most down to Earth (no pun intended) billionaires that I've ever seen speak.
  • Mar 23 2013: Seems genuine and not full of himself, just moving forward with his next challenge one foot at a time; just like the rest of us just on a larger scale. :)
  • Mar 22 2013: Thanks, I was basing that statement on a document I read ... trying to find it again. I have already been corrected by others. I am not the type to hide an error, if I made one than so be it! if your data is correct than I stand corrected.
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    Mar 20 2013: Elon's innovations in sustainable energy (through Solar City, electric Tesla cars) and reusable rockets are remarkable and inspiring.
    Information about the affordability and spread of his technology to the rest of the world would have helped .
  • Mar 20 2013: Possibly take advantage of zero g or free fall time to adjust rocket shape for re-entry?

    I hope you're producing solar panel window technology...

    Can you make your 3rd gen cars cost 10 000 instead?

    Great topics.
  • Mar 20 2013: Elon is wrong about three things, at least, in his talk:
    1) fossil fuels. Though we could run out, we can make as much of it as we want through bio-fuels.
    2) Vertical takeoff and landing ... especially a rocket is asking for trouble. a much more viable plan is that of: Skylon by Reaction Engines LTD out of the UK. It is a far superior option to the reusable space craft design and implementation.
    3) 1300watts/square meter is the maximum you could achieve with solar at 100% efficient. we are currently at about 22% on commercial technology. You do the math, we do not have enough surface area available to provide our global power needs with solar. Keep in mind that the average location gets less than 12hours of sun a day.
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      Mar 22 2013: Let us now actually DO the math on your statment no.3)
      1300w x o,22 = 286w/m²
      The worlds energy consumption is around 16 TW or 16x10^12 w
      16x10^12 w devided by 286w should give me the aria needed to cover the whole worlds energy needs, corect?
      so lets see, 55 944 055 944 m² lets see that would be about 5 594 km²
      the worlds land aria is 510.1 million km² or 5,1×10^14 m²

      please check if you find errors in my math that make your statment valid again, if not
      may i sugesst that in the future, you do the math before using it to try to prove a point.