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Do we need the lights on?

Scientists are now beginning to harness the process of photosynthesis which will allow us to produce fuel from water and sunlight. But I believe that the problem of energy is much deeply rooted in our value systems. The problem is our greed and extravagance...I'm going to pick on New York, a city I love.

At night, the city looks like a galaxy on earth. Do we leave the lights on just so it the city can shine like an awe-inspiring symbol? Or is it time to flip the switch and simply let go of such consumerism?

  • Apr 6 2011: It is definitely time to flip the switch and let go of consumerism. Consumerism is the name we give to the way the corporate entity influences us. They sell ideas to us, and the first idea they sold to us was the idea that people could take and own anything, and sell it to people who want to buy it.

    The world cannot support 7 billion consumers. The world could easily support 7 billion human beings. It's time to stop being consumers and start being human beings again.
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      Apr 9 2011: Well said Tyler. Consumerism to me is just a title that makes greed seem legal, natural, and ok. if you switched the words around though, people would react to consumerism much differently. I pray that happens soon.
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    Sky F

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    Apr 25 2011: Also, I suspect the fact that we have lights on so much is really doing a number on our health, specifically in regard to sleep.

    Sun goes down, we SHOULD get tired. Instead we turn lights on and sit in front of screens (like I'm doing now :D). I have sleep problems. No wonder?

    In the future I would like to not even have lights in my house. My life is too run by a clock. I miss nature, I can feel it in my restlessness.
  • Apr 25 2011: from 200am turn off all of nonessential lights on Broadway and some other streets in all major cities.