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How much work has been done in vehicular communication systems?

While commuting daily in my Car I get annoyed at my inability to inform other commuters about how rashly or indecently they drive. But, I cannot communicate with them as it is inefficient and probably unrealistic to stop them amid the highway in rush hours and jeopardize myself by throwing such a blunt comments.

But, if I cannot do this then, I always think, can my car do this and talk with the passing car? I just started looking something related with "vehicular communication" on internet and found people are really working on it. I am not sure about the viability and possibility of this theme but I want to do comprehensive study of this field. I am professional and also doing my Masters in Electrical engineering. So, if I get some help on how much work has been done and what are the prospects of it then it will help me to select this field as my research thesis due to get Masters degree. Most importantly, it will be a field near to my interest.

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    Mar 19 2013: I am disturbed that you want a medium to throw your "blunt comments" at drivers you have unilaterally judged to be rash and indecent. I sincerely hope that no such medium comes to pass, as I believe it will only serve to escalate road rage to the next level.