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what is a "good" question?

I have heard many people say this when I ask certain questions and i am wondering why.

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    Mar 20 2013: 1. Something that can't immediately be answered by everyone/anyone (google it)
    2. Something that is based on the foundation that you actually want an answer.
    3. Something thats clear and precise.
    4. Something relatively original and not frequently asked/repeated.

    I would assume those would be the more obvious parameters, atleast thats what I think.
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    Mar 19 2013: Can we solve existence and create peace?
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      Mar 21 2013: Is this also implying that our existence is a problem?
      p.s. do you mind if I post this question for everyone else to join?
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    Mar 19 2013: a question that hits a key point of the matter at hand, where there could have been some confusion if you hadn't asked.
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    Mar 19 2013: A question that is challenging and interesting.
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    Mar 21 2013: they usually say it because they don't have an answer and they need a few seconds to find a way out. not sure if you noticed, but most answers that follow a "very good question" remark are very vague
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    Mar 21 2013: one that has no immediate answer
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    Mar 20 2013: I often say 'good question' when the question makes me look again at the assumptions I have on a subject or opens my eyes to a new viewpoint.

    So to me a good question is one that makes us think, and really great questions change the world.

    Here might be one: See


    "I'm going to exaggerate, but I'll say it---the computer was invented in order to help to clarify a question about the foundations of mathematics" Greg Chaitin
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    Mar 19 2013: A question which does not prompt the consideration and exchange of plausible information is not a good question.
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    Mar 19 2013: Good question is this one (yours), Anyone who is here has really asked himself "What is a good question". Good question is only if you make interlocutors to get interested in your question.
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    Mar 19 2013: was this a "good" question? JK ( I know it is - the one I just asked, not the conversation starter or causer:)