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Is the modern method of "inverse leadership" strategy effective?

There is a growing trend favoring the "inverse pyramid" method of leadership, with great success in many large organizations. There are many existing cases supporting this strategy and the traditional leadership model is somewhat outdated and considered ineffective.

In addition there are many books and talks that are done exploring new insights on leadership, each with their own emphasis but the "inverse pyramid" model seems to have its presence in all of them. It can be said that this model has turned into a 21st century paradigm.

However, the question is: For millions of years evolution gave us an answer to leadership, which is basically the same model used by wolves hunting in packs, and for the majority of human history this is the model we stuck to. Obviously the amount of time passed after the inverse model was developed is far from enough for us to evolve out of it, so is it possible to argue that we are not biologically adapted to this model? And that perhaps the traditional mode of leadership, when used effectively, can actually be more effective than the modern one?

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    Mar 19 2013: I believe that, in the future, we will witness more of these situations with leadership and the old "PARTY" system ... because the standard of character of the people that political parties are putting before the electorate is on the decline. Quite frankly, this is yet another example of why people don't go out to vote,here in Canada.

    One's vote today is simply a process of affirming that we are in agreement with a system that not only perpetuates such corrupt behaviours, but, has no intention of putting in the safeguards and penalties that will make all potentially dirty politicians think twice before attempting to pull the same scams themselves.

    Taxpayers clearly have no power (within their vote) to control, because the system belongs to political parties.