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Can social profiles get you hired or fired?

I'm going to attend a speech context next Thur., and the title of which goes like: From Campus To Career: Social Profiles Can Get You Hired or Fired. Frankly speaking I don't get it. Specifically, I don't undersand what does the phrase "social profiles" mean. Since I'm only a college freshman, this may be a little bit too far for me.


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    Mar 24 2013: Hi PY!

    I work at a global media agency & below are my thoughts on social profiles. Hopes this helps you on your project!

    Getting Hired
    Yes, social profiles are now very important to the hiring process (in most fields) as the information that you can glean from a social profile is richer than that of a Resume / CV
    - For instance, a CV maybe built up of statements about you but within a social profile (e.g. LinkedIn) people can endorse your skills to back up what you have stated
    - Also, potential recruiters can see who you are 'connected' to within your job sector, indicating how popular and experienced you are in your field instantly to them

    Just through having a social profile you can see nearly everyone else's within the network. This is very useful when attending interviews as it allows you to research your interviewers and see if you have anything in common with regards to background or friends / colleagues. This can be invaluable when trying to strike a bond / begin a work relationship

    Getting Fired
    I work for GroupM, the largest Advertising Network in the world. We have a social code of conduct that explains that in the social realm, you cannot portray the company you work for in a bad light as it is detrimental to your employers
    - Thus, if you have a bad day at work and moan about your boss and the company / state you're going to look for another job this could easily get you fired

    We're currently interviewing and we will check both applicants professional profiles (LinkedIn) and personal profiles (Facebook) to see if they would be suitable / fit in at our company
    - In saying that if we see something we don't like, they'll be 'fired' before they even get the chance to be 'hired'

    Just to conclude, teachers tend to employ techniques to maintain personal social profiles, but keep them well 'hiidden' from their students, e.g. Sometimes they replace their last name with their middle name

    Any questions, let me know!

    • Mar 25 2013: Very thoughtful and persuasive perspective. Thanks a lot!
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        Mar 25 2013: Hi PK!

        No worries. I work in the media industry so social media is something that we think a lot about.

        Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your project. Sounds like fun!


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