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Bloomberg: Humanitarian or dictator?

Just saw that Bloomberg is now trying to remove cigarettes from eye sight in stores throughout New York City. I'm sure that most of you have heard of his attack on sugary drinks and the such in the prior months. Do you consider this to be change for the better or just a way for him to show how much control he has over the lives of people in NYC? Can't the people of New York City make the decisions for themselves?


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    Mar 20 2013: To quote Pat Gilbert, "politicians have two goals 1) get elected and : 2) Get re-elected."

    PT Barnum once said, "Print anything you want just spell my name right."

    Bloomberg is the 7th richest man in America at approximately 27 Billion. He claims Independent as a political party but would be welcomed into either camp.

    One of the most basic and fundamental points in Poly/sci is name recognition. Many times people will check the name not recalling if the memory relating to the name is either good or bad.

    Bloomberg wins by big margines. If he wants something to become a issue ... he makes it an issue. Love him or hate him ... makes no difference. He can sponsor all of these issues he wants it is not within his power to make them law. However, in the meantime he garnering billions of dollars in free media attention. Good for a politician and great for even a big ego such as his.


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