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Bloomberg: Humanitarian or dictator?

Just saw that Bloomberg is now trying to remove cigarettes from eye sight in stores throughout New York City. I'm sure that most of you have heard of his attack on sugary drinks and the such in the prior months. Do you consider this to be change for the better or just a way for him to show how much control he has over the lives of people in NYC? Can't the people of New York City make the decisions for themselves?


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  • Mar 19 2013: I would probably be more out there for reasons I consider helpful and important than he is now. Both problems are real problems Imagine you could reduce diabetes or lung disease. Bloomberg can really help if people go along with his ideas. Kevin - Heres a simple thought experiment You have a physician who cares about your health. Now raise your weight to 325 pounds and go to your doc with a burning cigarette in your mouth. Just suppose you did and imagine what happens if he allows you to stay and talks to you.

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