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Run a single locomotive in front of high speed trains. Why?

Run the stripped down efficient locomotive far enough in front of a high speed train so that if it crashes the following train can stop in time. In the old days they called that a "scout" (someone who would go ahead to make sure the trail was safe). At the very least you could send a drone which would send back information to the engineer.
This just popped into my head, I don't know why.... OR we could just wait and see what happens when the next 200+ MPH train runs into a car, animal or tree.


Closing Statement from Keith W Henline

As my first experiment in TED conversations it served it's purpose.

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    Mar 19 2013: I believe what Charles is trying to say without benefit of punctuation or capitalization is that it only takes a moment for a car to drive out onto the tracks, and a train takes several minutes (and miles) to stop, so your idea wouldn't work.

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